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What are Siembra Workshops?

Siembra Workshops are intensive workshops that focus on specific topics related to the four stages of our strategic Resource Development Framework.

How long do traditional resource development strategies take to execute?

From planning to implementation, executing a comprehensive resource development strategy takes a minimum of one year to get it going. For an organization without a dedicated in-house development or marketing team, this timeline can take upwards of 3 years, some times longer.

How much money do organizations stand to lose with traditional timeline for resource development strategies?

Organizations are losing tens of thousands each month, and potentially millions annually by not having a comprehensive resource development strategy.

Why are Siembra Workshops a better option?

Organizations can execute our strategies and increase their fundraising without having to hire an internal development or marketing team, or contract an expensive external marketing/advertising agency to do the work for them. We give them the tools and approaches to do it themselves, with the team that they already have.

What’s the cost benefit of Siembra Workshops?

Rather than spending $100,000+ annually on FTE or pay an agency upwards of $10,000 per month on contract to do the work for them. Organizations can access Siembra tools and workshops for less than $7,000, and yield results almost immediately.

Why do Siembra Workshops increase the likelihood of yielding results sooner? How?

Organizations can start to implement them immediately, as opposed to hiring a Development Director and a team or an external agency that takes time to develop strategies before they start to implement. We are offering a pre-packaged, proven, plug and play framework.

How quickly will I see results?

The framework we use has yielded results as quickly as a few months. It’s important to note, results are not guaranteed and will vary depending on several factors. Please make sure to review our disclaimer page.

Who are the Siembra Workshops perfect for?

Siembra Workshops are perfect for organizations that do NOT currently have an internal Development/Marketing team.

What are the benefits of having intensive workshops?

Because resource development involves a lot of moving parts, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all there is to do. Our format of intensive workshops gets laser focused in specific stages of the framework. Most importantly, the approaches are taught in a way that’s simple to understand and implement.

What types of donors can I engage with the Siembra Workshops?

We give you the tools to engage with new and existing donors, contributing from small to major gifts.

When can I start implementing the things I learn in the workshop?

The methods and action steps presented in your workshops were designed to be implemented in real time. So you’d be able to implement the things you’ve learned as soon as our workshop is over. In fact, we highly recommend that you do.

Who, in my organization, should be in the workshop?

Executive Director, relevant Board Members, Development/Marketing Associates, and/or Program Managers responsible for funding their own programs.

Do Siembra offer refunds for workshops purchased?

Due to the immediate, direct access to our framework and assets, we DO NOT offer refunds of any kind for the workshop. Please read the details and description of the service so you understand exactly what you are buying. Workshops are for serious students only, and we are firm on our no refund policy. Please email us at with any questions about enrollment.

What can I expect after completing a workshop?

Your organization can expect to learn how to execute an efficient and proven strategy with your existing team, and be given tools to help you stay on track. You would learn proven methods and given actionable steps to execute them without having any prior marketing, branding or community engagement experience or skills. You can also expect to receive support from Siembra for up to 8 weeks after completing your workshop.

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